Salam Sehat dan Harmonis



I am a student at one of Private Universities in Surabaya, who is doing his level S1 of Nursing and is currently up at half 6. Last year me and my classmates are given the opportunity to practice the knowledge we get from campus to be applied directly to the hospital. There, I helped to deal with patients at the hospital where I practice. A lot of valuable experience that I can now practice at the hospital. One of them when I was on duty in the nursery.
Space is a space that contained child pediatric patients from age 1 year to 13 years. There is so much cried up to the possible trauma nursing actions undertaken to date to see the medical team that is still in the distance they have rebelled and cried. And when the nurse wanted to measure their vital signs, pediatric patients tend to move on and usually less cooperative because they have not understood the purpose of nursing actions and still be afraid. But on the other side of me and other nurses who strive to always apply the theory of atraumatic care, where atraumatic care is care provided without causing trauma to children and families. There are some things that are often encountered in the community such as events that can cause trauma in children are anxiety, anger, pain, and others. If it is allowed to cause adverse effects in a child's mental development. It is a series of reasons for the application of atraumatic care which is a therapeutic treatment that can be given to children and families to reduce the impact of nursing actions such as mental, no need to show the syringe, do not use a uniform different from the general, asked to play or distract the child if nursing actions are underway. That's a small experience that I can write on a sheet of white paper is to share the actual experience of many that can not be delivered.

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